Monday, December 19, 2016

"Manifest Desired Life"- How to Delete Undesired People and Circumstances in 2017
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"Manifest Desired Life"
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How to Delete Undesired People,Situations and Relationships Divinely?

How to keep deleting these people and relationships from screen of life.
Swami shivanand taught us this practice in very divine manner and Co Healer Payal Pankhi explains this in very practical manner.
Just pick undesired situation or relationship and ask yourself-

What this 
relationship or situation teaches me?

Answer this question with brutal honesty.
For example if answer is- 
"Never enter in relationship before giving it time and thought."
Now ask yourself again-
What this relationship or situation demands from me?
For example -if answer is- "To be honest and break away from ..........."
Now Close your eyes,focus upon point between eyebrows mentally[not physically]- feel the presence of related person or situation and say to that person or situation- 
"With greatest of gratitude I end this relationship in divine guidance-I wish a divinely guided blessed life for you-henceforth we both are free from each other without keeping any guilt or KARMA -we release each other to universe."

Be in gratitude for what this relationship with person or situation taught to you and dissolve that persons image on screen of your mind in sky and now see the clean sky without presence of that person or situation.

I have seen most terrifyingly violent relationships and situations being resolved divinely within few days of this practice.

You will find difficult relationships and situations are evaporated within few days of doing this practice,

Try it-this Practice is powerful enough to resolve any conflicting situation or relationship- even between Black community and Police department of USA.

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