Friday, December 16, 2016

Spell to Manifest a Divine date-From the Author of "Manifest Desired Life"

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It is a misconception that 'love' and marriages are decided in heaven- its not true-it is decided by you-right here in studio of your soul.
Give yourself 15 minutes a day in 5 schedules of 3 minutes each.
Practice following in these pre decided slots of 3 minutes,5 times a day for 21 days-

1] Stand in front of mirror and tell yourself looking into eyes what kind of Date you want
2] What are you going to add to life of your 'date' for this beautifuladventure.
3] Feel your soulmate completely with each of her attitudes,looks and body and her eyes.
More deeply you'll be involved in this practice, know it for sure that a person ,who is looking for you is fast approaching you.
When that person will be in front of you-both  of you'll know that you are the answer to prayer .
Do not expect anything-share whatever you can unconditionally,without planning even next date,as now you know how to manifest -leave rest on universe.

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